Why handcrafted soaps ?

Handcrafted soaps are completely different from the soaps you can buy in the stores, for many reasons.Most of the commercial soaps are made from chemicals (cheap and easily available), then a lot of ingredients will be added to improve the shelf life, appearance etc…, most of them will contain detergent.

Also, glycerine is removed in the process of making commercial soaps and sold as a by-product, handcrafted soaps will retain the glycerin naturally occurring in the soap, that has good emolliant properties.
Our soap are made from vegetable oil base and contain no synthetic chemicals & animal fat.

Are Diivona Soaps completely natural ?

When making our soap we use natural ingredients only. The soaps are scented with the finest unadulterated essential oils.Diivona handcrafted soaps are made fresh, the old fashioned way, by hand with care using a mix of vegetable oils that have been selected for the quality they give to the soap.

Are Diivona Soaps glycerine soaps ?

Because, they retain the glycerine naturally occurring during the saponification process, all handcrafted soaps are glycerine soaps.

How long will a soap last?

This depends on how many people are using the soap.On average a soap will last around a minimum of one month if one person is using it.

How will my order will shipped?

Our orders are shipped the same day or one day after we have received your order. Orders are generally shipped by EMS or Sri lanka post.

How can i pay for my order?

You can pay directly on the web site by credit card, the payment will be processed by a ssl secure encrypted form.
Or you can choose the pay pal option and I’ll send you an e-mail invoice. Cash on delivery service available for local sales only