Growing up on a small town in Colombo, Sri lanka, my younger brother, Boominda fernando (we affectionately called him boo), was taught how to make “lye” soap (as he called it). boo taught me how to make soaps

I remember watching Boo make coconut oil soaps . Although the soap making process was quite tedious (hot processing method), the end result was truly a labor of love. For many years her soaps were a staple in our household and rarely did we buy any bar soap. 

Me and my brother made dozen of soap recipes and after doings testings for about a year, we found the perfect combination. soap recipes were made with vegetable oils and essential oils .No animal fats were used.

Our soaps are healthy and moisturizing and have a rich, luxurious lather.  our soaps have medicinal properties, anti-inflammatories and skin clarifiers. Our soaps are safe, non-toxic natural alternatives to harmful synthetic chemicals found in most commercial soaps.  They are biodegradable with no added synthetics, phosphates, ammonias, chemicals, toxins or artificial colors or perfumes.

Our products are handmade with using the highest quality ingredients derived from nature.  Our soaps are made with the oils of olive, coconut, Avocado, Ghee, and sunflower oil.  We use no fragrance oils, only the purest essential oils

You’re going to love our products!  Remember….you are making a choice that is good for you….and good for the environment!

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