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You'll Love My Natural Handmade Soaps

Great for Sensitive Skin

Good alternative to harsh commercial brands.Our soaps are made with high quality natural oils and finest essential oils

No Harsh Chemicals

Don’t have harmful chemicals, preservatives or synthetic additives to irritate your skin or slowly poison your system.This reduces the risk of allergic reactions or irritation of the skin

Beyond the ordinary

Natural Oils produce a creamy and wholesomely smooth bath with lots of lather. Experience the wonderful effect on your skin & soul !

You'll enjoy the beauty​

Your skin will be noticeably smoother because it’s the mildest natural olive oil soap you’ll find…. Avocado oil provides moisture and elasticity to aging skin and Each bar contains pure extra virgin olive oil (EVOO) & Pure all-natural oils and essential oils 

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Fresh lemon scent with great lather

Coconut Oil provides a great cleansing lather & Lemongrass essential oil has purifying properties which make it perfect for skincare with strong, fresh, grassy lemon scent with earthy undertones

You'll never use commercial soaps again

No artificial preservatives

No artificial fillers

No artificial fragrances

No harsh chemicals

No artificial colorings

Diivona’s natural products are good for the environment because all ingredients are immediately biodegradable & environmentally friendly

You get only the finest, pure ingredients...hand-selected for quality regardless of cost

Handmade totally from scratch…the old fashioned way…in small batches to guarantee quality and freshness.
Cold-processed…hand-stirred…to insure the moisturizing glycerin is retained.

You get great value because each handmade soap bar weighs at least 3.5 ozs., almost twice as much some competitors.
100% satisfaction guaranteed

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